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Easter 2014 is nearly upon us – this year it falls on April 20th, and will be here before you know it. Hopefully you are are prepared! It only comes once a year, but, especially if you have little ones in your home, it can be quite a hectic day to plan out. There’s the family get together, followed by the meal. There may be a church service to sit through if your family is religiously observant. Then there’s the ritual the children go through every year, which involves the Easter egg hunt. You’ll have to stay sharp and on your toes to get through all of this in the right order, so it definitely helps to plan well in advance! However, as long as observe a few basic and simple rules, you should have no trouble whatsoever in guaranteeing a happy Easter for your family.

Plan An Easter Egg Hunt

Your next big item on the family holiday agenda will be to plan out an exciting Easter egg hunt for your little ones! You can start by printing up specially personalized and customized invitations for your kids, as well as a few of their favorite neighboring friends. You can use your computer’s printer to accomplish this. Next, since you’ve already made a few dozen colored eggs, just plant them out in the back yard or a neighboring field, and watch the little tykes hunt around for them! They’ll enjoy themselves as they hunt for the eggs, and you’ll have a family friendly bonding experience with your neighbors as you supervise their child like activity. It’s an experience no family should miss!

Making Easter Baskets

Another fun filled activity for you and your children to engage in is the age old custom of making Easter holiday baskets. You know the drill: you fill them up with Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, a nice card, and lots and lots of candy! You don’t have to shell out major money to buy your children a long lasting, durable, set of Easter holiday baskets. You can find plenty of inspiration for holiday cheer by making your own Easter baskets out of construction paper or other readily available household materials. Or you can simply buy a set of Easter baskets that are reusable for several years’ running. Either way, you’ll save yourself a lot of money that can be put to use elsewhere.

Plan Your Easter Dinner

Of course, the biggest holiday event of all, and the one toward which every other preparation is secondary to, is the big Easter dinner. Especially if you have grown up in a religious family, you know how central the Easter holiday is for many families. So it’s an event which you’ll need to spend plenty of time preparing for in advance so as to avoid the onset of a hectic panic when the day finally arrives. Make sure you know well in advance how many guests (if any) to expect. Be sure to know the articles of food you’ll be preparing for the meal. There are plenty of tips available that will guide you toward a better understanding of how to prepare this most central of holiday meals.

Coloring Easter Eggs

Apart from preparing your big Easter meal for your family, your main concern will be ensuring a smooth, hitchless visit from the Easter Bunny for your little ones. You’ll want to spend a few precious moments coloring Easter eggs with your children. You’ll need to prepare for this in advance. Head down to the local super market and pick up a carton of eggs, some vinegar, and food coloring. You won’t need to spend a lot of money for this very simple, time honored exercise. In fact, many stores and internet vendors have pre-packaged Easter egg coloring kits that will take all of the messy and imprecise guess work out of the equation. Pick up one of these if you feel like you might mess it up if left to your own devices!

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